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I have experienced the consequence of racist Policing
I know how it feels, to be convicted of crimes you have not committed
At the age of sixteen I was attacked by a group of white men at a funfair
In Brockwell Park Brixton London SW9, when some of my friends saw what was happening
They game to help me, second later fifteen to twenty uniformed Police officers emerged
And started to beat the hell out of us, it was only when we got to Brixton Police Station that I realised, the group of white men that started the attack on me are Police officer, the beatings
Continued in the charge room later the officer in charge produced five knifes from his disk
And assigned one to each of us, myself and the four friends who tried to help me
He then charged us all with possessing an offensive weapon and assault.
2 of the white men that started the attack on me was Officer Frank Sinclair and? Bradley
Frank Sinclair came into my cell pointed a pistol at me and asked if I was going to plead guilty when I go to court.
When I asked him why he was doing this to us, he looked at me with venom in his eyes and said
Because you’re Black, that’s why! At sixteen years old I was naïve enough to believe that all I had to do was go to court tell the truth about what happened and we would all go home?
Meeting my white lawyer for the first time on the day of my trial, the first thing he said to me was “if you plead guilty I will try to get you a lighter sentence”
At the Old Bailey the all-white court laughed at this black youth when I told them what took place inside Brixton police station, the fact that Frank Sinclair tried to intimidate by pointing a gun at me
The all-white court founds us all guilty, at sixteen I was the youngest the court gave me three years conditional discharge, my four friends went to prison.
During the Thatcher years I saw lots of innocent Black and Asian young men sent to prison under
The Sus law, I was nearly one of them again in 1981. They say, who feels it knows it, I felt it so I know it!
The Bitch is dead, long live Freedom and Justice.

Jimmy Lindsay